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  Get Complete Access to Daily ChartSCANS Educational Stock Trading Breakout Learning Alerts
Before Each Day's Opening Bell.. It's a Great Way To Learn How To Recognize Specific Trading Patterns.

ChartSCANS Is Not Taking New Members Until March 4, 2015.
Thanks for your interest in our educational alerts service.

Good news: these alerts (and dozens more!) are perfect for traders of
all experience levels — including absolute beginners — automatically displayed on your desktop each morning before the opening bell in our members'-only area.

Your alerts are the result of ChartSCANS' proprietary new trading signals, which reveal each mornings' strongest gap and breakout swing and day trading alerts (including specific entry price points and targets), to save you time. And no special software is needed: it's all browser-based!
No need to sign any cumbersome exchange agreements, either.  

PLUS, you'll also get all of these exciting member benefits, including:
  Daily ChartSCANS Alerts Access - Get your membership login & password to access each morning's ChartSCANS trading alerts.   This is your "inside look" at clear, easy-to-use gap and breakout stock trading alerts, posted by 9:15am EST daily. 
  Trading Tips - You'll see specific stock trading insights posted in the member's alerts area to let you know what stocks we think are the best candidates for strong moves each morning.

Get useful ChartSCANS tips for exact gap and breakout stock plays.
     Swing Trading Alerts - New Feature!  In addition to our popular intraday alerts for day traders, ChartSCANS now features powerful new swing trading alerts (updated bi-weekly).   It's perfect for casual traders who can't be in front of their monitors all day long. Or, you can use the intraday alerts for swing trading as well.

It's like getting two alerts subscriptions for the price of one — a great value.
  Daily Entry Triggers and Targets - For each featured ChartSCAN stock, you'll see the specific price entry triggers and target alerts.  Takes the guesswork out of your trading, as you see exactly what to trade, and where
The entry price levels are designed to show you how to identify patterns that can provide breakout entry levels to learn from.
  Even Better Than a Live Chat Room! If you've been in a live chat room, you know it can be very time consuming. Not to mention all the off-topic posts and boring comments made by people.

Instead, try ChartSCANS - we "cut to the chase" and give you educational alerts to use in one handy table.  Save time - see what to trade with specific entry prices and targets!
  Clear Entry and Exit Targets - Every entry shows specific targets to help you see what types of charts are most-volatile (and at exactly what prices an experienced trader is looking at them for entries).
  So Much MORE Than Other Scanners Or Screeners - All the commercial scanners and screening services we've seen leave out the most IMPORTANT information you need: the ENTRY price to use. That's like getting a car with 1 wheel.

Don't settle
for just a generic list of stocks to watch. Instead, get ChartSCANS - because it also shows you the specific entry triggers that we are looking at, for a-to-z start to finish trade setups you need.   You get Both the stocks to watch Plus entry price points.

Secure Paypal ordering - Your order is secure using our Paypal merchant credit card processor — accepts MC/Visa and more.

  BONUS: Fade Entries - Designed for experienced traders, these valuable "fade" entries provide counter-trend entry opportunities for every single ChartSCANS stock in each morning's market.   This is especially valuable for picking up gains in reversals and pivot plays for our volatile, wide range ChartSCANS stock picks!

     And the best part is, ChartSCANS alerts are so simple to use that you can see every single morning's alerts in less than 60 seconds.   
To your success,

Ken Calhoun, President

Take a look at Everything You'll Get As a Premium ChartScans Alerts Member:
1. Superb long trade alerts for gaps up and breakouts.

These reveal the "top stock plays" in each morning's session, in easy-to-use alerts tables that you can use to quickly spot breakouts!


2. Log on as often as you want, to see the current alerts for each day's session.
3. For those who want to short, you'll also get our most-volatile "bear trade" alerts.

Reveals which stocks are the most sold-off, for bounce or continuation plays.


Ideal for traders who hold positions for up to 2 weeks, Power Swing Alerts shows you what's moving!

Put ChartSCANS to work helping you spot each morning's hottest trades - it's easy!
Are you ready to try ChartSCANS trading alerts for yourself yet?  They're exceptionally simple to use and understand — yet remarkably powerful, as you see each morning's strongest gap and breakout trading opportunities.
They're like no other alerts service available for active traders today.  Powered by Daytrading University's award-winning trading techniques, we meticulously hand-select each morning's most-volatile high volume trading stocks, which are carefully chosen each morning for ChartSCANS subscribers. 
We do all the hard work for you, freeing up your time and energy to focus on making your trades, instead of finding out which stocks (and where) to trade them.

No special software needed!  Many scanning services require you to sign exchange agreements, or only provide tickers with no entry price support/resistance levels to use... some even use expensive, difficult-to-use software — but not ChartSCANS. Once you join ChartSCANS, you'll get complete access to a private members-only area where your alerts are displayed in easy-to-read table format, updated by 9:15am EST each morning for you! 

So you can use ChartSCANS alerts with any charting software and any broker you wish!  Flexibility and ease of use makes ChartSCANS the premiere educational trade alerts choice for today's active traders....put it to the test and see for yourself!
Plus, our ChartScans teaches you what types of stocks to look for, potentially saving you hours of difficult manual scanning work each morning.

The SmartScan™ techniques we use to produce the alerts delivers an easy-to-use table of alerts for you each morning.
Go ahead and get started today take action, and take your trading knowledge to the next level — with the help of your ChartSCANS alerts membership!


ChartSCANS Is Currently Closed To New Members.
Thanks for your interest in our educational alerts service.

Note that since all logins are individually IP-tracked to prevent password sharing, you may not use ChartScans from more than 2 different IP addresses (which means, do not join if you need to access ChartScans from multiple locations, or if you travel). Most of our traders trade from a single home or office location, and that's how our security measures are configured. We need to protect access for our legitimate members, so we use advanced security scripts to prevent password sharing and theft of service.
FAQ: Do you have any 'performance' records or claims for your alerts?
Absolutely not - per SEC/CFTC/FTC regulations, we cannot make any performance claims of any kind for the alerts, it's an educational service for traders to learn from.

FAQ: I joined a few months ago, then quit, then tried to rejoin again but I'm not being accepted, why not?
Limit one membership per calendar year per trader. I do not allow traders to join briefly, then quit, then rejoin again a few months later. For example if you join in January, stay a member through April, then cancel, you cannot then rejoin until the following January of the next year. No joining January, cancelling in April, rejoining in July, cancelling in September etc type of behavior will be allowed.

FAQ: Why shouldn't I make actual trades based on the alerts?
Because trading is very risky and most traders lose money — it's a speculative, high-risk activity. The ChartSCANS alerts is for teaching you what specific stocks may illustrate the kinds of patterns for day and swing trading trading potential that I personally like to trade (like 2-day breakouts and gaps, plus specific price points to look at for support/resistance) so that you can learn high-volatility chart patterns.

FAQ: Can I send you email questions about the trading alerts?

Sorry, but due to the volume of email we get, no individual email trading related questions can be answered.. Personal email Q&A support is not included in ChartScans alerts (nor any of my trading systems nor services for that matter). The alerts are easy to use. And we've included lots of directions in the member's area to help you see how to learn from the alerts. If you still have any questions that aren't answered with the detailed explanations in the members' area, then simply cancel your alerts, as we do not have time to answer individual email questions.
FAQ: How do you figure out your entries and exit targets?
I, Ken Calhoun, president of Daytrading University, manually review dozens of charts each day and figure out what I believe to be the best educational entry alert areas for each day's most-volatile charts, based on years of real trading experience. I manually scan through the charts for you daily, and personally set the alert triggers for each stock each day, to help save you time (plus teach you what types of stocks I look for trading entries in, with specific entry price levels that you will be learning from).

FAQ: Do you keep archives of old alerts online?
No I don't; since the markets update each day, archived of older alerts are not useful. You get updated current alerts posted every single day in the member's area.

FAQ: Can I login from multiple computers, or from different locations?
No - only register if you can login from 1-2 computers maximum, as we use a professional password security script that does both IP-address and geolocation checks, to prevent multiple logins and password sharing. Do NOT register for ChartSCANS if you need to use this from more than 2 IP addresses or physical locations (meaning you can't use this while traveling from hotel rooms etc), or our security script will auto-disable your login. This is fine for the majority of our traders, who simply log in from a single home and/or office computer.

To unsubscribe, simply log into paypal (or click this button).
Or contact us via support ticket.
No hoops to jump through, it's easy to cancel whenever you wish:


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